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Red Sea September Trip Blog

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Great live aboard dive trip in Red Sea.

Top 5 diving sites of this month trips

Rocky IslandOceanic white tip shark in the Red Sea

  • Reef Dive
  • Current: None
  • Glass shrimps, Napoleon wrasse, royal emperor lion fish, Nab lion, flat head scorpion fish, masked buffer fish, masked butterfly, parrot fish, emperor angle fish and massive oceanic white tip.

Big Gotta

Anemone fish in the Red Sea

  • Reef Dive
  • Current: Medium
  • Baby white tip shark, masked buffer fish, angel fish, lion fish nudibranch groupers, masked butterfly fish, angel fish, clown fish, moray eel, jack fish, barracuda, glass shrimps, emperor fish and Arabian angle fish.

Dangerous Reef

School of batfish in the Red Sea

  • Reef Dive
  • Current: None
  • 8 moray eels between giant and baby’s nudibranch, lion fish, masked buffer fish, Yalow blue spotted stingray, clown fish, Arabian angel fish, lion fish, butterfly fish, angle fish, parrot fish and masked buffer fish.

Satayeh reef

Puffer fish in the Red Sea

  • Reef Dive
  • Current: None
  • Moray eel, stingray, clown fish, jack fish, buffer fish, angle fish, goat fish group, parrotfish, scorpion fish, groupers and nudibranch.


Blue spotted ray in the Red Sea

  • Reef Dive
  • Current: None
  • Pipe fish, bat fish, lion fish, jack fish, Red sea groupers, jack fish, blue spotted stingray, goat fish, Arabian angle fish, Royal angle fish, and emperor fish

Customers Feedback

• “Thank you to all the crew for making my time so enjoyable” Katharine Roe
• “The crew were above excellent helping me kit up and getting back in the boat.” Paul Jarrett
• “As always the guides and crew are fantastic. Helpful friendly and hard working making our trip extra special. Tariq and Ramadan were great fun and although we never use a guide we really enjoyed their company and look forward to meeting up with them again.
We shall be booking soon for next year.” Sid Gray

Thank you for this great trip!