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Maldives September Trip Blog: Manta and shark galore!

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Great live aboard dive trip in the Maldives.

Top 5 diving areas of this month trips

Male AtollsMaldives Master

  • Reef dives
  • Current: None
  • Black tip sharks, white tip sharks, grey reef sharks, silver tip sharks, nurse sharks, pink whip rays, devil rays, eagle rays, mantas, marble rays, school of batfish, barracudas, grouper, trevally, octopus, sweetlips, groupers, snappers, fusiliers, octopus mating, scorpion fish, stone fish, comet fish, black and blue ribbon eels, nudibranch, purple eye micro-goby, all kind of moray eels, school of bannerfish, turtles, octopus mating, barracudas, school jacks, clouds of baby red tooth triggerfish, Napoleon, school of rainbow runners, school of remora, peacock mantis shrimp and a bait ball attacked by GTs and tunas.

Vaavu school of rays in the Maldives

  • Reef dives
  • Current: None
  • Dragon nudibranch, moray, octopus, mantis shrimp, feather tail ray, trevally, grouper, snappers, school of fusiliers, sweetlips, an army of nurse sharks, pink whip ray, giant trevally, lionfish, moray, rabbitfish, giant trevally, lionfish, manta, devil ray, grey reef shark, white tip shark, school of barracudas, honeycomb moray, turtle, sweetlips, mantis shrimp, sting rays, school of eagle rays, marble ray, school of chevron barracudas, turtle and devil scorpion fish.

Ari Atolls Whale shark in the Maldives

  • Reef Dive
  • Current: None
  • Army of nurse sharks, pink whip ray, giant trevally, dolphins, lionfish, morays, rabbitfish, turtles, tuna, morays, octopus, mantis shrimp, sweet lips, grouper, pyramid butterfly fish, Napoleon, white tip shark, Maldivian sponge snail, peacock anemone shrimp, schools of blue linned snapper, feather tail ray, eagle ray, school of fusiliers, tuna, school red snappers, bicolor parrotfish, flasher wrasse, black tip shark, honeycomb moray, lionfish, scorpionfish, nudibranch, scribbled puffer, school of blue fins trevallies, file fish, whale shark, 4 mantas hovering above the heads of our guests and a shy nurse shark wondering around.

Lhaviyani nurse shark in the Maldives

  • Reef dives
  • Current: Medium
  • Schools of bait fish, turtle, octopus, lionfish, scorpionfish, school of blue line snappers, rainbow runners, mantis shrimp, blenny, dragonet, long nose hawkfish, schools of pompano, green turtle, mangrove ray, honeycomb morays, school of jacks, 3 baby eagle rays, green turtles, hawksbill turtles, grey reef sharks, school of blue fin trevally hunting together with emperor, school of dogtooth tunas, baby nurse shark, big silky shark, silver tip, eagle rays, lots of silver tip and grey reef, massive school of big eye Jacks, baby eagle ray, honey comb moray, baby blue tang, baby lion fish, tuna, grey reef shark, sweetlips, glassfish, nudibranch and cleaning shrimps.

RasdhooA shark in the Maldives

  • Reef dives
  • Current: None
  • Grey reef sharks, white tip sharks, black tip sharks, Silver tip sharks, 20 eagle rays, marble ray, feather tail ray, tunas, school jacks, Napoleon, octopus, moray, schools of fusiliers, schools of rainbow runners, saddled grouper, spare mantis shrimp, school of jacks and school of oriental sweetlips.


Customers Feedback

• “Fantastic food,amazing dives and friendly crew great trip! Thank you very much!” Jason Rowntree
• “Huge thanks for Albert, Sophie and all the crew to give me an amazing experience for diving and again thank you very much for our wedding anniversary surprised. You all are awesome. ☺” Reni Wulandari
• “Absolutely fantastic and amazing guides and staff & crew brilliant would come back again!” Lee Birmingham

Thank you for this great trip!

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