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Maldives October Trip Blog: Sharks, Mantas And Schooling Fish!

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Great live aboard dive trip in the Maldives.

Top 5 dive sites of this month trips

Lankan – North MaleMantas

  • Cleaning station
  • Current: Medium
  • 12 mantas, white tip sharks, turtle, 2 huge eagle rays, nurse sharks, shoal of oriental sweetlips, harlequin sweetlips, whit tip, fusiliers, porcelain crab, hermit crab, spotted box fish and trumpet fish.

Colesseum – North Male

  • Napoleon wrasse
  • Reef dive
  • Current: Medium
  • Schoal of 15 + bumphead parrotfish, white tip sharks, Napoleon wrasse, batfish, ornate ghost pipefish, sweetlips, white colar butterflyfish and marble rays.

Aquarium – North Male Sweet lips

  • Reef Dive
  • Current: Medium
  • 4 manta rays, mangrove ray, pink whip ray, marble ray, feather tail ray, 15+ eagle rays, honeycomb moray, white tip sharks, Napoleon wrasse, school of sweetlips, school of snappers and octopus.

Thanburudhoo Corner – North Male AtollBarracudas

  • Reef dive
  • Current: Medium
  • 3 marble rays in mating, mangrove ray, eagle ray, grey reef shark, white tip shark, tunas, school of barracudas, rainbow runners, leaf scorpion fish, honey comb moray, octopus and fusillier.


  • Sharks
  • Reef dives
  • Current: Medium
  • Lots of nurse sharks, 4 pink whip rays, giant and blue fins trevallies, 15 grey reef sharks, white tip sharks, eagle rays, honeycomb moray, school oceanic triggerfish, barracudas, huge marble ray, school of jacks, school of unicorn, tons of glass fish, long nise hawkfish, trumpet fish, nudibranches, saddle back groupers, marble grouper, tunning soft corals, grey reef shark, surgeon, , scribbled puffer, school of black snappers, manta, shrimps and fusiliers.


Customers Feedback

• “Amazing team onboard. Thanks for a great holiday” Robert Sheriff
• “Absolutely fantastic and amazing guides and staff & crew brilliant would come back again.” Lee Birmingham
• “The boat is very well laid out and very comfortable. It’s also very, very well managed.” Alec Bates

Thank you for this great trip!