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Maldives August Dive Report: Mantas, Sharks And Huge Schools Of Fish!

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Great live aboard dive trip in the Maldives.

Top 5 dives areas of this month trips

North Male:

Mantas in the Maldives

• Reef dives
• Current: Mild
• Mantas, black tip sharks, white tip sharks, turtles, moray eel, marble grouper, tunas, porcupine ray, eagle ray, Napoleon wrasses, feather tail ray, batfish, nudibranch, spotted snake eel, schools of fusiliers and snappers, clouds of baby red tooth triggerfish, giant moray eel, bumphead parrotfish, pink eye gobies, lion fish, yellow boxfish, humpback unicorn and anemone fish.


Napoleon wrasse in the Maldives• Reef dives
• Current: None
• Silver tip sharks, grey reef sharks, white tip sharks, Napoleon wrasses, cornet fish, batfish, tunas, midnight snappers, scribbled puffer, eagle rays, saddled groupers, spare mantis shrimp, school of jacks, school of oriental sweetlips, batfishes, big nose unicorn and moray eels.

Ari Atoll:

Moray eel in the Maldives

• Reef dives
• Current: Mild
• Mantas, marble rays, black cheek moray, nurse sharks, grey reef sharks, black tip sharks, white tip sharks, silver tip sharks, turtles, octopus, clown fish, frog fish, banded coral shrimp, squat shrimp, shoals of yellow snappers, barracudas, giant trevallies, cuttlefish, lots of moray eels, oriental sweetlips, scorpionfish, network pipefish, anthias, anemone fish, glass fish, soldier fish, regal angelfish, Susana’s flatworm, school of snappers, spiny painted lobster, garden eels, wrasses, eagle ray, peacock mantis shrimp, moray eels, school bannerfish, devil scorpionfish, flat worm, nudibranch, comet fish, school of mackerel, banded pipe fish and banded coral shrimps.


Nurse shark in the Maldives• Chanel and reef dives
• Current: Mild
• Bow mouth guitar ray, mangrove whip rays, feather tail ray, eagle rays, marble ray, mobula rays, devil rays, pygmy mobulas, black tip sharks, white tip sharks, grey reef sharks, silvertip sharks, lemon sharks, huge green and hawksbill turtles, groupers, Napoleon wrasses, barracudas, fusiliers, trevallies, giant sweetlips, bumphead parrotfish, and school of jacks and black snappers.

South Male:

Turtle in the Maldives
• Reef dives
• Current: None
• Grey reef sharks, white tip sharks, eagle rays, school snappers, surgeon fish, giant trevally, tunas, octopus, bumphead parrotfish, school of black snapper, school of oriental sweetlips, huge green turtle, harlequin sweetlips, pinnate batfish, school of jacks, Suzanna’s flatworm, mantis shrimp, honeycomb moray, lobster, trevallies, tunas, rainbow runners, fusiliers and mantis shrimp.

Customers Feedback

• “Gratefully thank you for making this an amazing trip.” Nora Szabo
• “Superb dive crew and crew. Everyone worked very hard to make the trip enjoyable. Sophie and Albert very welcoming. I felt I could ask any questions I needed and nothing was too much trouble. The Dhoni crew were very helpful and worked so hard. I’ve had a wonderful time. Thank you!” Colin Rea
• “Lovely range of food options despite my allergies” Elle Yuk Pui Li

Thank you for this great trip!