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WWII Wreck Week – Solomon Islands

Master Liveaboards proudly presents for the real wreck fan: the special “WWII Wreck Week” itinerary with the Solomons PNG Master! Explore WWII history through wrecks and famous battlefields around Guadalcanal.

One of the beacons in this exciting itinerary is the island of Tulaghi in the Florida Islands. This used to be one of the most important bases for the Japanese during the war and the scene of several significant battles. As part of the notorious Guadalcanal Campaign, these battles are considered the turning point of WWII in the South Pacific. Here, we will dive both Japanese and American seaplanes, cargo ships, and the heavy cruiser USS Minneapolis as well as the minesweeper RNZN Moa. In addition, we will visit battlegrounds and some of the Japanese caves in the town of Tulaghi.

Meanwhile in the Russell Islands, White Beach was a key American re-provisioning area during WWII. When the US Military left, they dumped heaps of machinery and equipment here making this a very interesting dive where you can find trucks, jeeps and discarded ammunition.

On the way back to the capital Honiara of the Solomons, we will explore not only wrecks of several cargo ships and planes but also the I-1 Submarine. This Japanese submarine played a role in the Pearl Harbour attack before heading to the South Pacific. Eventually, she was damaged and forced on to the reef by RNZN Moa. To conclude this WWII itinerary in style, we visit in- and outdoor war museums near Honiara.

Wrecks on this trip are all within recreational limits. Divers must have an Advanced Open Water certificate or higher. Deep and wreck diving training or experience is strongly recommended. Penetration diving will be limited to those with appropriate certifications and is always dependent on the condition of the wreck.

If this WWII itinerary makes your history heart pound faster, book these dates in your calendar:


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  • 22 – 29 Jan 2019
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