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UW Photographer Gerald Rambert
joins French Polynesia Master & Solomons PNG Master

Based on very successful previous Underwater Photography workshops in Raja Ampat, Komodo, Truk, Philippines, Maldives, The Solomons, and Thailand, Gerald Rambert will be joining us again on two trips:

  • Solomon Islands – Papua New Guinea Navigator: 17-27 May 2019

Duly impressed with diving in the Solomons, Gerald Rambert immediately planned another workshop on board Solomons PNG Master after his first workshop finished! This time, he joins our unique Solomons-Papua New Guinea Navigator itinerary, which is filled with surprises and exploratory diving.

  • French Polynesia: 20-30 October 2019

Practice your wide angle photography skills with walls of sharks in the Tuamotus!

On both Special Master Liveaboards Trips, Gerald will be at your disposal to help you improve your underwater photography skills, such as macro, wide angle, compact and SLR photography. He will convey tips and tricks to you based on his vast experience as a professional. Recognising that each person’s camera is a different make and model, Gerald usually spends the first two days of the trip assisting every guest with camera set up, fine-tuning settings and finding the best compromise for achieving optimum results.

In between dives, Gerald sits with guests to review photos and discuss techniques for improvements on an individual or group basis depending on the group and camera types involved.

Moreover, Gerald will accompany each guest underwater in order to indicate the best way to approach a subject and set the camera to capture the best image. By doing so, guests can pick up skills at their own pace, while Gerald can provide tips and feedback to each guest individually. The famous walls of sharks in the passes between the atolls are perfect for wide angle shots, while macro lovers will also get their share to practice with; gorgeous coral gardens with ghost pipefish, leaf fish, nudibranchs, etc. There is plenty for photographers of all specialties!


During the afternoon, typically after the third day dive, a presentation will be given on the following subjects:

Terms and photo language

  •  Shutter, Shutter lag & Shutter Speeds
  •  Lenses
  •  Aperture
  •  White balance
  •  Sensor
  •  Jpg & RAW
  •  ISO
  •  Exposure compensation
  •  TTL
  •  Different modes
  •  Backscatter
  •  Depth of field

The Light

  •  Ambient & Flash Light
  •  What do you want to achieve?
  •  Aperture, ISO and Shutter speed affects on light
  •  Equilibrium between the settings

The use of flashes

  •  Different flash types TTL and Manual housing
  •  How to connect
  •  Angle of flash & how to use
  •  Flashes & Aperture
  •  Shutter speed and ambient light

Framing and Composition

  •  Choice of subject macro and wide
  •  Framing in our mind – rule of 1/3s, v-shapes, diagonal & orientation
  •  The approach
  •  Getting closer
  •  Taking your time

Wide angle photography

  •  Slide show with explanations of shots and settings
  •  White balance and filters

Macro photofraphy

  •  Slide show with explanations of shots and settings
  •  Depth of field


  •  Histogram
  •  Selective colours
  •  Cleaning a shot
  •  Brightness and Contrast
  •  Filters

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