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As Marketing Manager, you will lead the marketing team efficiently to implement and manage marketing campaigns to achieve blue o two’s company objectives. 

You will ensure high quality communications are being delivered effectively, efficiently and consistently, whether through direct or indirect communications.  You will deploy the resources available within the marketing team and draw on resources in other teams, as appropriate.  You will have a good understanding of how to motivate team members as well as strong management and communication skills. You will be expected to work closely your team members to create a highly productive, enjoyable and creative working environment.  You will always lead by example and uphold the company vision and mission.

The Marketing Manager will form an integral role in mid-management, will take part in key decisions and be responsible for the implementation of business measures and strategies to achieve the above aims and objectives.  They will be required to work flexibly, offer creative flare and produce work under pressure, meeting agreed budgets and timescales.

Key Responsibilities:


  • Implement the marketing plan and take a lead role in its development and review including: short and long term objectives, communications plan, event marketing, fulfillment of partner marketing requirements, target audience development 
  • Innovate and manage digital communications effectively, ensuring communications appeal to broadcast and specific target audiences
  • Manage the design and content of the website
  • Create and carry out competitor analyses to ensure competitiveness on a given product and date range
  • Ensure consistent and effective management of the blue o two brand


  • Lead by example, working as a supportive member of the marketing team
  • Work with other middle managers to ensure operational efficiencies and to drive the strategy of the business, monitoring enquiry numbers and source of enquiry, and compiling meaningful information which informs business and marketing decisions
  • Work with the Product Development Manager to ensure knowledge is disseminated to your team in a meaningful and timely way
  • Set targets for your team, ensure they are monitored regularly (and addressed appropriately where team members are under-performing; this may include capability and disciplinary procedures)
  • Manage new Team Member Inductions and identify and provide further training, as necessary
  • Work directly towards targets (both financial and non-financial) set by the Directors
  •  Represent the business and portray it in a positive light
  • Promote an attitude of success, having a positive influence on all employees

 Training & Reviewing Performance

  •  Provide comprehensive training and support for your team
  • Ensure the continued development of team product knowledge and services through effective communication
  • Be responsible for the recruitment, interviewing and training of future team members
  • Be responsible for the mid-year and annual performance reviews of your team

Reporting & Support

Communicating with and assisting the management team in joining marketing and sales efforts to achieve company objectives. The Marketing Manager will also act as a single point of contact for the marketing department to the MD, most crucially during larger projects within the organisation.  Attend and present at internal meetings with other company functions necessary to perform duties and aid business development.


The Marketing Manager will be expected to prepare and organise regular marketing updates for a variety of audiences.  Meetings should be organised to ensure information is disseminated efficiently both within and across teams.

The CRM System

The Marketing Manager will be responsible for many tasks within CRM.  These will include the profiling of customers to make informed decisions on marketing approaches.

Other duties

To carry out any other necessary duties at the request of senior managers.

Key Skills

  • Excellent spoken and written communication skills
  • A creative approach
  • Excellent organisational and planning skills
  • The ability to delegate and motivate others
  • Drive, motivation and initiative
  • The ability to work under pressure and to deadlines
  • Self-confidence to sell your ideas to managers, the marketing and sales teams
  • A good attention to detail

Desirable Attributes

It would be of benefit to have understanding of the industry in which the company operates