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School of hammerhead sharks in the Galapagos

Galapagos August Dive Report: Massive Schools Of Hammerhead Sharks, Sea Lions, And Mola Molas!

Great live aboard dive trip in the Galapagos. Top 5 dives of this month trips Mosquera   • Current: Strong • Eagle rays, mola molas, huge schools of 60 hammerhead sharks, blotched stingrays, Galapagos sharks, schools of snappers, moray eels, Galapagos garden eels, baby whale...

The Red Lipped Batfish of the Galapagos

  The Red Lipped Batfish  look like they have gone over the top slightly with red lipstick, which some scientists believe is for the male to attract the female. What’s also interesting about this strange sea creature is that they are terrible swimmers. Instead of swimming...